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The Insubordinate Newsletter: Kerala Floods

The Insubordinate brings you yet another easily digested newsletter, with our takes on current affairs and breaking news both internationally and nationally with the development of our weekly newsletter. This week we cover the continued colonialism of Israel, the ignored war in Yemen, and the floods of Kerala India.  

– Callum, Edward, Ollie, and George.

A Palestinian Bedouin Village Braces For Forcible Transfers As Israel Seeks To Split The West Bank

“The village, which is home to less than 200 people and where the only building with walls is a school made of mud and old tires, has become the latest front line in a conflict over land that for decades has determined the fates of Palestinians…”

As I feel it is unfortunately obligatory I would like to state that The Insubordinate in no way supports anti-semitism, nor do we wish harm upon Jewish people of any country or any religion for that matter. We do however reject Israel’s standing as an official legal country because of its colonial war crimes and racist tendencies. Israel continues its illegal colonisation of Palestine as it readies to decrease the size of the native Palestinian land yet again by splitting the West Bank into two – A decade-old plan to create a Jewish presence between the West Bank and Jerusalem. Often the Israeli government demolish homes built without permits (near impossible for a Palestinians to be granted) and sometimes are demolished as a collective punishment if someone attacks Israelis. They demolished a daycare and a women’s community centre leave 64 people homeless, as according to the intercept “mostly children.”

Israel uses colonial tactics against people who have little power to oppose them. They are slowly eradicating any resistance against their fascist movement of ethnic cleansing until there is no opposition to speak out against them. By demolishing and resettling hundreds of people it demoralises them and makes them feel powerless and that is the essence on which the tactic is based. Destroy the morale of the opposition by making them feel powerless. Unfortunately, an active, effect resistance looks impossible for as long as the US supports the illegal Israeli state. An effective response to Israel is not abusing Jewish people but by boycotting Israeli goods and raising awareness of the Palestinian struggle. It’s important to remember it is the country and the government who have seen fit to forcibly remove people from their homes, it’s important to remember the government allow shoot to kill when children die in Gaza, and it’s important to remember it’s the government that commit war crimes.

– Ollie

Kerala floods: Rescue efforts step up as rains begin to ease

Entire villages have been lost to landslides, and soldiers are now clearing the debris and building temporary bridges to help restore transport links.”

Floods in the Indian state of Kerala have continued to tear through homes, amenities, and livelihoods as heavy rain which started ten days ago remains a huge threat to human life. As of the morning of 20 August, the chief minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan reports that 725,000 people are being forced to live in temporary camp accommodation while relief teams make further rescue efforts.

Thousands of people have lost their homes, and the death count of the disaster is in the hundreds and climbing in the worse floods the state has seen for a century. While the rain may have eased, the ordeal is not over for many Malayalis. Social media responses to the floods have been a mixture of heart-warming and downright inhumane. Twitter reactions have ranged from this:

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to this:

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Considering the sparse coverage the western press has given to these floods, and the priorities some have evidently placed on politics over humanity, we must stand in solidarity with those affected by this disaster. Social media support spreading awareness, and donations to relief programmes are both valid ways of doing this.

Donation link:

State donation link:

– Edd

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